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Push button head P9MPNNG GE Cema

 Push button head P9MPNNG  GE Cema

Made in General electric 
Price: 12.00лв.

WL D2-G limit switch roller plunger 500V 10A Omron

 WLD2-G limit switch  roller plunger  500V 10A  Omron

Made in  Japan

Price: 60.00лв.

Limit switch PK-01, SPDT-NO + NC, 5A / 250VAC

Limit switch  PK-01, SPDT-NO + NC, 5A / 250VAC

Model - PC-01 /PK01
Configuration of contacts - SPDT - NO + NC
Rated voltage - 250 VAC
Rated current - 5 A
Input frequency - 200 cycles / min;
Input power - 14N +/- 1.4N;
Pre-start stroke - 1 to 1.5 mm
Non-working stroke - 2.4 mm
Degree of protection - IP 67
Mechanical life - 30,000,000 cycles
Dimensions - 17 x 29 x 25 mm.
Made in Bulgaria before 1989
Price: 18.00лв.

Limit Switch GWF2K13-S PS1031304 250V 15A Kissling

Limit Switch GWF2K13-S PS1031304 250V 15A Kissling

Contact sistem PS1031304 250V 15A   Kissling

Made in  Germany
Price: 54.00лв.

Limit switch KI-62 500V 6A Bulgaria

Limit switch KI 62  500V  6A  Bulgaria
The KI62 limit switch is intended to be connected to the power
circuit of a chain hoist and switches off a two-phase 
lifting motor when the hoist load reaches certain end positions.
It can be used for other purposes when a device with its data is required.
Rated voltage: 380V and 500V
Line voltage: 500V
Current: 6A
Rated command motor power: 0.9kW
Power factor of the engine - cosine phi: 0,4
Mechanical and electrical wear resistance: 100,000 cycles
Number of contacts: 2
Ambient temperature up to –40 + 60 C.
Made in Bulgaria
Price: 24.00лв.

Limit switch with roller Ke-25ve Evig

Limit switch with roller Ke-25ve  Evig

Made in EVIG Hungary 
Price: 24.00лв.

Limit Switch ZE-N-2G 480V 15A Omron

Limit Switch ZE N 2G  480V 15A  Omron

Made in  Japan

Price: 48.00лв.

PEN-M5 8625 pneumatic pressure converter Festo

PEN-M5 8625  pneumatic pressure converter Festo 
PEN-M5 (8625) FESTO is converter for pneumatic pressure to electrical signal
Pressure, vacuum and differential pressure switch
Working pressure: –0.95… 8 bar
Pneumatic connection: M5
Supply voltage: 10-30VDC
Maximum output current: 0.4A
Output signal: transistor PNP, NO
Output status LED
Maximum operating frequency: 70Hz

Made in  Germany

Price: 168.00лв.

XCK-M102 limit switch roler 380V 10A Telemecanique

XCKM102 limit switch roler  380V 10A Telemecanique

Body -XCKM1  
Head-  ZCK-D02
Made in Telemecanique France
Price: 72.00лв.

ZC2-JC2 limit switch body 500V 10A Telemecanique

ZC2 JC2  limit switch body  500V 10A Telemecanique

Made in Telemecanique France

Price: 60.00лв.
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