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Waterproof horn speaker 10W GR-1L / ГР-1Л / seaside USSR

Code: 01546

Waterproof horn speaker  10W   GR-1L  / ГР-1Л / seaside USSR 

Delivered to the Bulgarian military factory, for ship repair Made in USSR 1980 -1985

Waterproof horn speaker  GR-1L   is intended to broadcast a musical and 

speech programs in a variety of open spaces, as well as in noisy and dusty.

Speaker with  has a built in audio transformer with several pins / on the connector /

for adjustment of maximum electrical resistance and power


The nominal power of 10, 5, 2 watts.
Electrical impedance module at a frequency of 1000 Hz, 90; 180; 450 ohm
Nominal frequency range of 500 ... 3500 Hz.
Average standard sound pressure in the nominal frequency range of 1.0 Pa
Nominal voltage 30 V
  • Manufacturer: USSR
  • Weight: 6.000 Kgs
Price: 216.00лв.
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