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About Us

Pentod LTD   was founded in 2011 by Todor Todorov with the objective of selling merchandise on-line by means of the specifically created electronic shop -

All the merchandise offered is available and is owned by three other firms of mine, the first of which was founded in 1990.

Until 1989 Bulgaria was one of the biggest manufacturer of electronics (civil and military) in the world. After the disintegration of the so-called socialist camp, where this production was to be directed and due to the specificity of the planned economic management, and especially after the abrupt discontinuation of the production in this segment, the warehouses were littered with enormous amounts of electronic elements, which due to the rapid development of electronics

aged morally but remained usable.

This is one of the reasons why my core activity over these years was purchasing of dead stock - electronic elements, radio lamps and electric materials. As time went by, regardless of the sales, my warehouse stock continuously increased and now I have several thousand items available.

All merchandise is new and well-kept in the newly built warehousing base with a total volume of 600 cubic metres.

Most of them have been marked as usable for the production of military wares, which means that they have passed special tests and are suitable for operations under complicated weather conditions. Many of them are uncommon items, not manufactured any more with their producers being out of business.

A confirmation of the above is the origin of this merchandise.

I bought it mostly from the now closed rpoduction plants of DZU Stara Zagora,

ZZU Plovdiv, Home Electronics Veliko Turnovo, Orgtehnika Silistra, Cherno More Varna,

Pirel G. Delchev as well as from the military plants VMZ Sopot, Terem Ivailo, Terem Targoviste,

NITI Kazanlak, etc. Many of the items were also bought from the State Reserve and from the

army and police surplus.

The great variety and the availability of rare items could arouse the interest of

people from all over the world whose hobby is Radio-electronics - radio fans, collectors, as well as maintenance specialists keeping old, but still working apparatuses, for which no spare parts are manufactured.

I made a considerable effort to put in order and systematise the items; I have various measuring devices to check and test the merchandise and I'll be doing my best to satisfy your requests regardless of whether they originate from a hobby or professional necessity.

I sincerely declare that I appreciate your pursuits, especially since I bought my first soldering gun back in 1978 and electronics has been my hobby ever since.

I wish all customers, in these times of rapid development of microelectronics, to preserve their spirit and pursuits in the long years to come and to remember that radio lamps, germanium transistors and the name of a Bulgarian man - John Atanasov - are the foundation of everything.

Todor Todorov